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2017-18 Workshop Schedule
    Saturdays 10:30 - 12:30                                                         

Mar 11  Soils, Seeds and Sprouts
Master Gardener Food Gardening Specialists  
will lead a fun, hands-on workshop. Participants
will learn about soil, making seed tapes
, and
pot up lettuce to take home.

April 1  Getting to Know Tomato Varieties
Master Gardener Bob Weis
When you buy your tomato plants, do you know
what the varieties are? Do you know which has
great taste? Which are excellent for cooking?
You may recognize the “standards”, but what about
100’s you’ve not heard of? Join Bob as he explains
the details and offers advice on growing methods.

May 13  A Garden of Herbal Delights
Master Gardener Janet Barocco
Fresh herbs add flavor, nutrition and pizazz to
 everyday meals. Why buy them when you can
easily grow your own? This workshop will cover
 cultivation, selection, preservation and use of
 culinary herbs for food, beverages and more.

Aug 26  The Transitional Food Garden
Master Gardener Food Gardening Specialists 
will give hands-on tips for making the transition
 from summer to fall vegetable gardening.

Sept 9  Health Care for Succulents
Master Gardener Anne Lowings
Learn the about the best succulents for Sonoma
 County, and how to keep them happy and looking
good year round. This workshop includes plant
selection, care and maintenance, diagnosing problems
and propagation. Attendees are invited to bring in
 problem plants for evaluation.

Jan 13, 2018   Winter Fruit Tree Pruning
Don Hourigan, Arborist

If you look at your tree and say “Where do I start?” or
if you just need some pointers, attend a workshop
presented by its arborist. Don Hourigan. He will lead you
 through the principles of winter pruning and a visit to the garden orchard for a demonstration of the principles
you've just learned.

Questions about Workshops: 484-3613


Harvest for the Hungry Garden ~ 1717 Yulupa Avenue ~ Santa Rosa, CA 95405

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