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2018 Workshop Schedule
    Saturdays 10:30 - 12:30                                                         

May 12   Spring / Summer Gardening
Master Gardener FGS discuss how to achieve
year-round gardening success.  Topics include
succession planting, dealing with pests and
nutritious soil, with a hands-on demonstration
of soil preparation for new plantings.

August 11   Low Water Gardening
Learn how to replace your lawn and water-hungry
plants with beautiful low water alternatives, with
easy ways to convert to drip irrigation. Presented
by the Master Gardeners Garden Sense Program.

August 25   Fall Food Gardening
Master Gardener FGS will discuss planting for a
fall vs. early spring harvest, including plant selection,
changes in weather, and soil care in unused beds.

January 12, 2019  Winter Fruit Tree Pruning
It’s the time of year to do your winter fruit
tree pruning. If you look at your tree and say,
“Where do I start?” or if you just need some pointers,
 the Garden invites you to attend a workshop presented
 by Don Hourigan, arborist.

*Note FGS = Food Gardening Specialists


Questions about Workshops: 484-3613


Harvest for the Hungry Garden ~ 1717 Yulupa Avenue ~ Santa Rosa, CA 95405

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