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The Widlife Habitat Garden

       About one-third of our food supply depends upon an abundance of pollinators in our gardens, on our farms and in the wild. The Harvest Garden offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the critical relationships between plants, insects, birds and other wildlife essential to pollination.

       Integrating wildlife, food growing, herbs and native plants in the Harvest Garden demonstrates the importance of these interdependent relationships before valuable habitat was lost or severely disrupted by population growth, pesticides and pollution.

        We've installed bee boxes, birdhouses. birdbaths and fruit-bearing and nectar-rich plants throughout the Garden to encourage wildlife to nest, feed and reproduce. The Wildlife Habitat Garden provides pollinators (bees, butterflies, wasps, beetles, flies and birds) with over 200 habitat plants - 73% of which are Calfiornia natives.

Make Your Garden a Widllife Habitat

List of habitat plants and their blooming season.

Harvest for the Hungry Garden ~ 1717 Yulupa Ave ~ Santa Rosa, CA  95405

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