Heirloom Tomatoes

The 2019 Great Tomato Line Up

ATOMIC GRAPE - Lavender and purple stripes, turning to technicolor olive-green, red, and brown/blue stripes when fully ripe. Crack resistant, 75 days, developed by Brad Gates - Wild Boar Farms.
BEAM’S YELLOW PEAR  -  Very sweet, 1½” yellow pear-shaped fruits have a mild flavor and are great for fresh eating or for making tomato preserves; 80 days.
BLACK CHERRY - High yield, deep purple/mahogany fruits with rich, complex flavor; 75 days                      
BLACK ICICLE - Thick-walled, burgundy-brown fruits that can be used for sauce or paste; 85 days                                           
BLONDKOPFCHEN - Great tasting ½ inch, brilliant yellow-gold grapes. Prolific and disease resistant.         
- Small cherry from Brad Gates - Wild Boar Farms. Dark purple color, which means it’s super-rich in anthocyanins. Unripe, the fruits are a glowing amethyst purple. At maturity they turn deep red; 75 days.
- Bright yellow with red stripes; excellent flavor; 70 days.                                                                                                                                                      
CHADWICK CHERRY - A perfect cherry for salads and snacking. Disease resistant vines set abundant crops of 1" fruits borne in clusters. Productive all-season; 70 days.                                                                                     
- These 1”cherries have an attractive port wine colored flesh and skin with a comparably delicious and multifaceted flavor.  Super productive; 70 days                                                                                 
DOCTOR CAROLYN - Fantastic cream colored 1” cherries ripen to pale yellow. Excellent taste.
- German heirloom with clusters of deep-red 3/4”fruits. Excellent flavor.                                                                                                   
GREEN DOCTORS - Best tasting green cherry. Grows in clusters of 6 to 8.
- Bright yellow 1” cherries with purple anthocyanin shoulders. Ripe fruit is sweet and rich. Crack resistant; 75 days. Developed by Brad Gates - Wild Boar Farms.                                                      
JASPER F1 - Award-winning hybrid  tomato with high yields, excellent flavor, and disease resistance; 70 days
LIT’L BITES CHERRY – Ultimate patio tomato, bearing scrumptious red fruit on compact productive plants.
LIZZANO F1 - Well suited to growing in containers. 1” red cherries, resistant to late blight; 63 days.
PANDORINO ITALIAN GRAPE - Italian variety with grape size fruits to harvest all summer long. Wonderful full tomato flavor that’s nicely balanced and not just sticky sweet. Good disease resistance.                 
PEACEVINE CHERRY- So named because of the high content of an amino acid that has a calming effect on the body. Also very high in Vitamin C, compared to other varieties. Resistant to cracking; 75 days
SNOW WHITE  CHERRY- Ivory-colored cherry tomatoes; sweet and popular with kids.                                  
XTRA SWEET HYBRID - High yielding early cherry tomato.  Red sister to Sungold.  
- Hybrid with golden color, outstanding flavor, and good disease resistance; produces all season.
SUNGOLD SELECT II - A stable selection from the de-hybridization of Sungold. 
- 1” red fruits, high in Vitamin C, excellent flavor, hybrid; 65 days 
- Early producing (60 days) hybrid, resistant to cracking, good disease resistance.

ANNA RUSSIAN  - 1980 introduction from Russia, ox heart shape, pink/red, 8-16 oz; 65 days
BLOODY BUTCHER - An all-purpose heirloom with rich flavor, blood red skin and flesh; 55 days.
CLEAR PINK EARLY - Compact determinate that becomes loaded with long trusses of smooth round, clear 6 oz pink fruit; 58 days.
EARLY GIRL VFF HYBRID – Early slicing tomato with good disease resistance. Flavorful 4-6 oz fruit; 52 days
FIREWORKS – Early, red slicing tomato with 6-8 oz fruits; 60 days
GLACIER -Determinate extra-early variety that produces throughout the entire season. Great flavor - especially for an early variety. 3 oz bright red fruits;  55 days
JET STAR F1 - A long- time favorite and industry standard that has high sugar content. Meaty, globe-shaped fruits are 6 to 8 ounces; 72 days.
MATINA - Early crop of 2 to 4 oz. red fruit with terrific flavor;  58 days.
MORAVSKY DIV - Czechoslovakia variety that is reportedly a strain of Stupice, 2 oz, potato leaf; 70 days
MOSKOVICH - Cold tolerant variety that produces 4-6 oz red fruit with very good flavor; 58 days
NEW GIRL F1 – Earlier and more disease resistant than Early Girl; 4-6 oz fruit; 58 days
RED SIBERIAN - Early abundant clusters of 4oz bright red flavorful fruit. Produces in the coolest of weather.
SCOTIA - An ultra- early tomato that sets 4 oz fruit even in cool weather. Popular in Maritime Canada.
SILETZ – Earliest slicing tomato; good for cooler areas; some disease resistance.
SILVERY FIR TREE - Heavy crops of round, slightly flattened 4-5 oz fruits red fruits. Unique decorative variety with ‘fern’ type leaves. Does well in hanging baskets or on patios;  58 days
SOPHIES’S CHOICE – Tasty heirloom from Canada; good disease resistance; 8-10 oz; 54 days.
STUPICE -This cold-tolerant tomato ripens to sweet, red, slightly oval, 2 inch fruits and produces throughout the entire summer; 60 days.

AMANA ORANGE –Big, 1 lb orange beefsteak  from the Amana Colonies in Iowa;  80 days.
ANANAS NOIR (a.k.a Black Pineapple) – Gorgeous on the inside - green and dark reddish-brown with fuchsia stripes. large fruits up to 1 ½ lbs; 85 days.
AZOKYCHKA - A Russian heirloom that produces an abundant crop of smooth, 3-inch, 10-16 oz., slightly flattened oblate, meaty, yellow/orange tomatoes with a luscious sweet citrusy flavor; 72 days.
BEAUTY KING - One of the best looking and tasting red and yellow bicolor striped tomatoes you'll ever try! Very sweet fruits up to 20 ounces have meaty yellow flesh with bright red streaks;  80 days
BEEFSTEAK – America’s most popular variety for topping sandwiches. Large, meaty fruits with rich tomato flavor; 80 days.
BELMONTE - These dark pink 16 oz beefsteak tomatoes are real beauties.  Most are fluted/ruffled and no two look quite the same; 80 days.      
BIG BEEF - De-hybridized version of an American favorite.  These large, juicy, fruits combine old-fashioned beefsteak flavor with heavy yields. 1-pound, round to globe-shaped. Flavor is full and hearty with lots of sweet juice balanced with that wonderful tomato acidity. These giants slice up perfectly for big sandwiches; 70 days
BLACK BRANDYWINE - Dark purple, richly flavored beefsteak, potato leaf; 85-90 days.
BRANDYWINE PINK - This  version of Brandywine has legendary status due to its superb flavor. Fruits up to 1 lb have luscious old-time flavor; potato leaf; 80 days.
BRANDYWINE YELLOW -  Large yellow fruit of exceptional quality, creamy texture, and delicious flavor. Fruit size is 12 to 24 oz; tall vines have healthy potato leaf foliage; 80 days.
BLACK FROM TULA - Largest of the blacks; 3-4”slightly flattened dark brown fruit. Rich taste; 85 days.
BLACK KRIM – Fruits are a dark, deep red (almost a shiny black) with heavy green shoulders. Interior is a deep, reddish-green color. Sweet and tasty; 80 days.
BLACK PRINCE - Very popular & delicious  purple black tomato. 2-3 oz. fruits; 70 days.
BLACK SEA MAN - A short, hardy Russian heirloom that looks odd but tastes delicious. Rich, tangy flavor in medium-sized plumb shaped fruits with brown-black skins and pink shoulders;  75 days.
BURBANK SLICING - Developed by Luther Burbank around 1915. Heavy yielder of majestic 3-4 inch fruit. The fruit has a very deep red color and a traditional bold tomato flavor; 75 days.
CARBON – Large smooth fruit;  one of the darkest and prettiest of the purple types; it seems to have an extra dose of the complex flavor that makes dark tomatoes famous; 80 days.                                                         
CASPIAN PINK - The first tomato to beat Brandywine in taste tests! Large pink beefsteak;  80 days.   
CHEROKEE GREEN - Selection out of Cherokee Purple; one of the best green tomatoes. Medium-size 8+ oz. green fruits acquire some yellowish-orange color on the blossom end when ripe; 86 days.                    
CHEROKEE PURPLE - Cherokee Indian heirloom; 10-12 oz fruits that are deep dusky purple-pink color; 80 days                            
CHIANTI ROSE – Beefsteak with  1-2 lb rosy-pink fruits with succulent, balanced, complex flavor; 78 days.
– 3-6”  Mahogany colored flavorful fruit with olive green striping;  80 days             
- Bi-colored golden yellow and red fruits that are juicy and sweet;  80 days
COSMONAUT VOLKOV – From Ukraine;  produces 2-3 inch fruits with sweet tangy flavor;  72 days.
DAD’S SUNSET – The perfect orange tomato, with flavorful round 10 oz fruits; 78 days.
DELICIOUS - Huge red fruits that typically weigh in the one pound range. Excellent slicing tomato;  77 days.          
DJENA LEE'S GOLDEN GIRL - Old heirloom from Minnesota that produces 8-10 oz richly flavored, meaty fruit with a vibrant golden-orange color.  Slow Food favorite;  78 days.
DRUZBA – Bulgarian heirloom with 6-8 oz. deep-red juicy crack-free fruits with sweet/tart flavor;  80 days  
FLAME (a.k.a. Juane Flamme) - Prolific producer with bright orange 2” fruits, with tangy sweet taste: 75 days                             
GERMAN RED STRAWBERRY- Flavorful up to 1-lb red fruits, shaped like a strawberry. Rich, sweet , with only a small amount of seeds and juice, perfect for canning and sandwiches;  85 days                                        
GRANNY CANTRELL’s – Original seeds were given to Lettie Cantrell from a World War II soldier returning home from Germany. Beefsteak, weighing up 2 lbs. Delicious for fresh eating, cooking and canning; 85 days.
GREEN GIANT- Large emerald-green, smooth, and blemish fruits over one pound. Color stays pure green, even when dead ripe. Outstanding complex flavor. Very few seeds;  85 days.
HILLBILLY - Orange yellow fruit with mottled red streaks. Very sweet. Low acid;  85 days
INDIGO BLUE BEAUTY - A cross between Beauty King and a blue tomato. Meaty, pink, 4 to 8 ounce, beefsteak fruits, with lovely dark blue-black shoulders. Sunburn and crack resistant. Very good flavor;  80 days.
ITALIAN TREE TOMATO - Big, sprawling,  potato-leaf tomato plants that yield on vines that can grow to 15-feet, producing meaty, 1-2 pound, 4-5-inch, red tomatoes with superior sweet flavors;  70 days
JAPANESE BLACK TRIFELE - Heavy producer of delicious pear-shaped 4 oz fruits that are free of blemishes and cracks and range in color from intense black to dark grey blushed with magenta;  80 days.
JULIA CHILD - Beefsteak that produces deep pink fruits that are very flavorful, sweet, and juicy. Perfect for sandwiches, salads, and slicing. A Julia Child favorite;  78 days.
KELLOGG’S BREAKFAST - Orange beefsteak that produces fruits weighing 1-2 lbs. Fruits have a good acid/sugar balance and plants are very productive;  80 days.
LUCID GEM - This Brad Gates selection was winner of the sweetest tomato award at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo. Five oz very meaty fruits are yellow with black top; 75 days
MARVEL STRIPE -Beefsteak originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. Largest of the bi-colored tomatoes.  Produces beautiful  1-2 pound fruits, with sweet mild fruity flavors; 85 days                                                                                                                                                         
MISSOURI PINK LOVE APPLE -Grown since the Civil War. Heavy yielder with pink fruits up to 1 lb., 78 days.
MORADO - This rare tomato produces delicious fruits, up to 1-lb, that are dark purplish-pink in color, with green shoulders. Excellent taste, crack resistant;  85 days
MORTGAGE LIFTER - Longtime favorite with good yields of very large, smooth, pink-skinned fruits that are meaty with few seeds and mild, delectable, sweet flavor; 75 days.
MUCHTAR’S MAGIC – The perfect yellow tomato and a Harvest for the Hungry exclusive.
NEPAL - Originally from the Himalaya Mountains. Large deep red 12 oz intensely flavored fruit; 80 days.
NYAGOUS - Russian 6 oz. “black” tomato.  Blemish free, delicious, and crack resistant; 90 days
PAUL ROBESON - Russian heirloom that continues to be a favorite in taste test competitions. Brick red, 8 to 12 ounce fruits have dark green shoulders and red flesh. Exceptional flavor; 85 days
PERSIMMON - Beautiful  12-16 oz rose-orange fruits that are meaty, sweet, and have few seeds;  88 days
PIERCE’S PRIDE - Beefsteak with deep black red 8-12 oz fruits that are sweet with  hint of smokiness; 75 days  
PINK ELEPHANT - Perfect pink tomato, from Russia. Large, 6-12 ounce fruits with exceptional flavor;  80 days
PINEAPPLE - Valued for its beauty, taste, and size. Beefsteak fruit with yellow exterior and interior kaleidoscope swirl of red, pink, orange, and yellow. Mildly sweet, with low acidity; 90 days
PINEAPPLE PIG - Large, creamy yellow, bicolor striped with rose blush. Meaty fruits grow up to one pound each and are low in acid, with sweet flavor. Developed by Brad Gates;  75 days.
PINK BERKELEY TIE DYE - Port wine beefsteak with metallic green stripes. 8-12 oz with excellent flavor. Developed by Brad Gates; 70 days
POLISH GIANT – Dark pink beefsteaks, up to 2 lbs.  They are very sweet, juicy, and have low acidity; 85 days PORK CHOP – 8-10 oz yellow beefsteaks w/ green stripes. Developed by Brad Gates; 75 days
PRUDEN’S PURPLE - Early Brandywine type. Large to very large (many over 1 lb.) fruits are flattened and smooth and resist cracking. Vivid dark-pink skin with crimson flesh; 65 days, potato leaf plants.
ROSE DE BERNE - Easy to grow dark pink 4-8 oz. tomato. Sweet meaty Swiss heirloom;  75 days.
RUSSIAN ROSE- Good producer of outstandingly sweet 12 oz. rose colored tomatoes;  78 days
RUTGERS –This legendary tomato introduced in 1934, is known for its flavor, both for slicing and cooking. Red fruits are slightly flattened. Tall vines, Fusarium resistant; 74 days.
SHAH - Attractive, creamy-parchment colored tomato that is sweet and flavorful. Medium size;  72 days
SOLAR FLARE - Beefsteak with 6-10 oz red fruit with gold stripes. Brad Gates;  75 days
SUNSET’S  RED HORIZON- Huge, delicious, meaty and heart-shaped.  Name reflects how well adapted this Russian variety is to West Coast gardens; 72 days
SWEET CARNEROS PINK - Rose pink with gold stripes; 2-4 oz. Huge producer from Brad Gates; 65 days.
THESSALONIKI –Introduced from Greece to the USA in the 50's. Exceptionally good yields of red, crack-free,  8 oz. globes that resist sun scald. Wonderful rich taste and good disease resistance; 68 days
TURKISH STRIPED MONASTERY - Collected at a monastery garden just outside of Istanbul. 1.5-2 oz. fruit are beautifully striped, red and gold. One of the best flavored small striped tomatoes; 75 days.                                                                                         
UKRAINIAN HEART-Russian heirloom that produces 10-20 oz fruits with few seeds, great flavor. Our heart is with our sister city, Cherkassy, Ukraine;  85 days
VIOLET JASPER - Violet purple fruit with iridescent green stripes. Tasty, amazing yields; 72 days.
WAPSINICON PEACH - Slightly fuzzy pale-yellow skin and fruity, balanced flavor. Firm fruits have a blush tint when ripe and hold up well - on and off the vine. Blight resistant; 85 Days
WOODLE ORANGE - large round tangerine colored “perfect” fruit. Favorite for flavor and yield; 75 days

BURPEES SUPERSTEAK HYBRID – Super size, with most fruits weighing in at 2 lb; "beefsteak" flavor and meaty texture; 80 days.      
CONTAINER SUPER BUSH - Specifically bred for abundant yields on space saving 3 ft plants (perfect for pots or patio containers); juicy fruits with sweet tomato flavor; determinate – 75 days.                                                                                       
CRIMSON CARMELLO - Bred in France especially for fresh eating. The 4-5 inch red juicy fruits have a perfect sweet to acid balance that translates to exquisite taste. Good disease resistance; 70 days.
DAMSEL HYBRID – Compact beefsteak with round 10 oz pink fruits; late blight resistance; 75 days
JULIET - Known as a “grape” tomato not only for the fruit shape, but also for the high sugar content. The small, 1-2 oz. red fruits are tasty, robust, and abundant. Crack resistant;  65 days.                                                                                                           
MORETON HYBRID - A tomato connoisseur’s favorite. Its large, meaty, delicious fruit mature early. It has an oblate shape and rich red color. Resistant to Verticillium, 70 days.   
- An improvement on the ever-popular Fantastic, with stronger disease resistance. Heavy yields of solid, meaty, smooth fruits weighing an average of 10 ounces each;  70 days.

BRADLEY FRED DWARF – Beefsteak with 12 oz fruits that ripen to a dusk rose purple hue; well-balanced flavor; potato leaf; 75 days.
DWARF JADE BEAUTY - Dwarf, tree-type plants with rugose foliage, potato leaf, small 2-4 oz. round fruits that ripen to green. Excellent sweet flavor that gets better later in the season;  70 days.
DWARF WILD SPUDLEAF - Determinate  rugose potato leaf variety that produces good yields of medium 4-10 oz dark-pink fruits; 85 days.
TASTY WINE DWARF– Vigorous vines produce tasty deep 5-10 oz pink tomatoes;  80 days.

- Absolute perfect sauce tomato - big, meaty, easy to peel, light on seeds, cherry red;  80 days                      
AMISH PASTE -The classic paste tomato - flavorful and juicy enough for slicing, with great meatiness for cooking down. Very few seeds; med size; sweeter flavor than other paste tomatoes; 74 days
BLACK PLUM - Deep mahogany 2-4 oz plum shaped fruits. Long keeper; 80 days
COMSTOCK SAUCE AND SLICE – Italian variety originally introduced in the early 80's. Beautiful, meaty, deep-red fruits weigh up to 1 pound and have few seeds;  80 days
COSTOLUTO GENOVESE -  Ribbed, firm, fleshy fruits weighing up to 7 oz., with fine, sweet flavor. Good disease resistance; 78 days
COUR DI BUE - 7-9 ounce beefsteaks, shaped like a heart. Meaty, deep pink/red flesh and few seed;  85 days
EVAN’S PURPLE PEAR - 2-3 oz. purple pear shaped fruit, with excellent sweet rich flavor; 75 days
- Pear-shaped meaty tomatoes. Intense red color and equally intense tomato taste.  Meaty with few seeds; 80 days.
INCA JEWELS - A very early San Marzano type with bright red fruits that weigh about 3 oz. and have firm, thick, meaty flesh with excellent keeping quality; 70 days
OPALKA - Sweet 5 inch tomatoes shaped like a banana pepper.  Plants have wispy foliage but are very productive and vigorous.  Few seeds.  Lots of sweet meat.
ROMA - Oblong-shaped small red fruit that is meaty insides with few seeds and are well-suited for sauces, canning, drying and making tomato paste; 75 days
SAN MARZANO - Red plum type 4-5" fruits, traditionally the best choice for tomato sauce; 80 days
SAN MARZANO HYBRID - Vigorous tall plant bearing clusters of oval 5 oz fruit.  Resistant to Fusarium and Verticillium.  Good for fresh eating as well as sauce.
SAN MARZANO REDORTA - Named for a mountain in the Alps, this strain of San Marzano is considerably larger than San Marzano – 10-12 oz.
SUPER ITALIAN - Paste tomatoes shaped like banana peppers, 6 inches long, very meaty with few seeds. Prolific plants.

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