Butterfly Nectar Plants
Buddleia, verbena, clover, aster, buckwheat, deerweed, pearly everlasting, mallow, wild mustard, wild radish, thistle, lupine, milkweed, coffeeberry, buckeye, ceanothus, coyote mint, lantana, zinnia, coreopsis, marigold, seaside daisy, lippia, rosemary, phlox, michaelmas daisy, coneflower, statice, lavender, gloriosa daisy, cosmos, heliotrope, bee balm, goldenrod, pincushion flower, yarrow, sage, Mexican sunflower, chaste tree, strawberry tree, red valerian, and hollyhock.

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Butterfly Plants


Caterpillar Food Plants
Clover, aster, violet, coastal buckwheat,
grasses, deerweed, snapdragon, pearly everlasting, plantain, nettle, mallow, wild
mustard, wild radish, monkeyflower, thistle,
lupine, dutchman's pipe (for pipevine swallowtail), milkweeds (for monarchs), coffeeberry, buckeye, fennel, oak,
ceanothus, willow, and hollyhock.





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