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The Demonstration Garden

The Backyard Demonstration Garden brings together a variety of planting areas that include low-water native plants; organically grown vegetables in raised beds; a native grass lawn; medicinal herbs; an espalier fruit tree fence; a grape trellis; a small pond; and a rose arbor framing a seating area. It is an edible landscape designed to fit in an area about 1440 square feet, the size of the average urban backyard.

Designed by Lyn Howe and Geoff Rauch, the demonstration garden incorporates a large number of plants in a water-wise design, all watered with a drip irrigation system. Plants have been placed in hydrozones, forming small plant communities with similar water, soil, and light needs.

Growing in this raised vegetable bed are string beans, potatoes, zucchini, green onions and golden cosmos. This raised bed was made of quickrete and chicken wire, and rebar for the frame. You can see our Belgian fence, made of bamboo stakes supporting our apple trees.
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