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About Bees

Bees pollinate our fruit trees, flowers, herbs and many of our vegetables. Here's a partial list of common garden plants attractive to bees - both native species and species introduced by immigrants to the US:

Black-eyed Susan  Rudbeckia
Bugloss  Echium
California lilac  Ceanothus
Tickseed  Coreopsis
Lavender  Lavandula
Purple toadflax  Linaria
Marjoram  Origanum
Hyssop  Hyssopus
Basil  Ocimum
Globe thistle  Echinops
Rosemary  Rosmarinus
Catnip  Nepeta
Currant  Ribes
Elderberry  Sambucus
Fireweed  Chamerion
Goldenrod  Solidago
Huckleberry  Vaccinium
Larkspur  Delphinum
Lupine  Lupinus
Madrone  Arbutus
Milkweed  Asclepius
Mint  Mentha
Oregon grape  Berberis
Penstemon  Penstemon
Rabbit-brush  Chrysothamnus
Rhododendron  Rhododendron
Sage Salvia
Salmonberry  Rubus
Saskatoon  Amalanchier
Scorpion-weed  Phacelia
Snowberry  Symphoricarpos
Stonecrop  Sedum
Sunflower  Helianthus
Wild buckwheat  Eriogonum
Willow  Salix
Yarrow   Achillea
Zinnia  Zinnia

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