Gardens for the Hungry Around the World

DIG works to improve the lives of people affected by HIV living in Africa. Through the cultivation of urban vegetable micro-gardens, DIG is able to provide sustainable nutritional support to patients, additional income, and a safe space for clients to gather, which fosters community strength and empowerment.  Visit their website at


Sustainable Harvest International works with farming families in Central America by providing training in sustainable land-use practices, enabling farmers to grow food for their families without cutting down the rainforest. They have projects in Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Visit their website at

Friends of Juilliard Park

A 1200 sq ft area within Juilliard Park (the first no-spray sustainable park in Santa Rosa) will be developed as a community garden where vegetables, medicinal herbs, and native plants will be grown. Garden plots will be available where neighbors can grow their own food.

South Park Garden

The South Park Kids Garden was started by Sustainable Futures in 2000 as part of a larger community garden, on a 1/2 acre site owned by the Community Baptist Church. Since 2004 the community garden has sold vegetables at our local farmers market under the Kids Own Grown label.

Community Support Network

Several group homes and long term housing projects for mentally ill adults, managed by the Community Support Network, have developed small vegetable gardens of their own. These gardens provide fresh organically grown produce for the residents as well as a nature-based therapeutic environment.


Harvest for the Hungry Garden is proud to support projects locally and abroad
that promote organic and sustainable gardening practices
as they empower participants to grow their own food.


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