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The Medicinal Plant Garden

      The Medicinal Plant Garden
was started with a generous donation of plants and expertise from Mom's Head Gardens and the Sonoma County Herb Association. Volunteers have cared for this specialty garden's wide variety of North American, Mediterranean and Asian medicinal herbs throughout its development.

       Many of these herbs are being used to treat illnesses like heart disease, sleep disorders, digestive complaints, skin problems, colds, flu and anxiety. Some boost the immune system and some of those plants are also culinary. Medicinal plants include agrimony, catnip, lemon balm, evening primrose, cramp bark (European cranberry bush), Great Valley gumplant, ginkgo biloba (maidenhair tree), echinacea (purple coneflower), California poppies, clary sage, chives, yarrow, Goodwin Creek Grey lavender, thyme, Greek oregano, comfrey, spotted aloe, motherwort, Siberian ginseng, feverfew, calendula, white horehound, hawthorn, rosemary, lady's mantle, pineapple sage, creeping Oregon grape, marshmallow, self-heal, foxglove, valerian, yerba mansa, mullein, Chinese chives (garlic chives), chaste tree, St. John's wort, wood betony and more.

For a list of the Latin names for these medicinal plants, click here.

      Habitat plants include butterfly bush, blanket flower, California currant, ceanothus, coral bells, rock soapwort, silky aster, blue fescue, 'Bee's Bliss' sage, golden alyssum, 'Pink Pewter' lamium, rudbeckias, clarkias and statice.



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